Friday, April 17, 2009

I couldn't wait to share about the trips to Kt. Bragg over the last couple of weeks. After spending the weekend with our boys we came home and then they joined us for 4 days. On Easter Sunday we all attended Chris and Heathers church. (Thank you Peter and Miranda for attending with us). The whole day was so special. Pastor Dennis showed the film "Watch the Lamb" -if you have never seen the film or a church production you are really missing something special. After the sermon he and the church honored our boys...and made us all cry. After stopping at the Lake to take pics we came home to a slightly different Easter meal. No ham for us. We had smoked brisqit, cola can chicken and sides to got with it.
Then Monday we hopped in the cars and took Ben and Chris back to Bragg. We shopped and ate, and shopped and ate...and had a wonderful time. If you are ever in that part of the country don't miss eating at Joes Crab Shack. I definitely need to go back to WW next Monday. Oh, well!
I will try to post pics later this afternoon.
Oh, we met the most intersting man at the hotel. He belongs to a group in the Kanawha Valley that plays bagpipes and drums. The web addres is
One of my childhood dreams was to be able to play the bagpipes. Anyway, I will try to attend some of their performances.
The article about the program at the Crown Colliseum is located at , then find the articles from Tuesday. Their are also a few videos. Governor Manchin and General Tackett made WV proud! Their speeches were so inspiring and really rallied the troops and families listening.