Wednesday, December 24, 2008


What a wonderful, happy, busy holiday season this has been. We have Benjamin home for the holidays...happy times, but on January 2, him and older brother Chris will leave for Virginia for more training before they head to Iraq. In the meantime we are just enjoying being together as a family.
We have been blessed to attend two Christmas programs and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.
Friday evening Miranda and kids came to enjoy the play at Chris and Heathers church, and I must say that it was the best play I have ever seen. Stephanie, Heathers mom. and best friend,Rhonda, played the meanest old robbers in wild west.
Sunday we attended our church in Ivydale, WV. After a short church service we had food and games. The pastor made everything super simple by ordering soup, bread, and desserts. Then we played "Yankee Swap" and someone (can't remember who because it changed hands so many times) won the coveted Lighthouse Clock, and the teddy bear. Let me tell you those old ladies can get mean when they really want something. Then that evening we attended the cantata at Miranda and Peters church in Culloden, WV. The children put on a nativity scene with music that brought tears to our eyes. Then came the dreaded cantata (as director Miranda was completely stressed), but SURPRISE it was wonderful.
Well, surprise to all who know us, we had our family Christmas early on Tuesday(yesterday) and everyone had such a good time...we didn't spend much money but we were with each other and didn't need much. Liberty made out like a bandit and the boys got 22 gauge guns and a Leggo WII game. Oh, I can't forget that Chris got me drinking glasses for a present (does that mean that they are tired of drinking out of pint canning Jars)?
Miranda, Peter and kids spent the night, and most of us slept. My husband has this wonderful machine on his job that calls us everytime that it has a problem...NOT it called 5 times. (Isn't technology wonderful?) So, I fell asleep at 4 a.m., and got up at seven. Oh, well, after everyone cleared out Geary and I put our jammies back on and hit the bed for a couple of hours.....YEH!!!
Anyway, I will share pics later.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greetings from Fort Picket, VA

Well sorry I took sooo long to do this, but between being on details, KP duty, and shooting, I really haven't had much time. It's not been too bad down here. When we first got here it was really cold, but it's warmed up and started raining haha. I'm going back home in 4 days. I'm looking forward to being with my family and fiance, but I know that the time will fly by and I'll be right back here again. Well I have some school work to do so I better get to it. Thanks for all the prayers I know alot of people are remembering me in.

PV2 Legg

Monday, December 1, 2008

Better late than never...

Well, I know that we are attending the right church when they are as late about things as I am..yesterday (the weekend after Thanksgiving) we held a Veterans Day service. Actually, the Pastor was waiting to be able to include all of my family which I truly appreciate. If you haven't been Lello'sland before then you need to know that this blog was created to keep our family in touch while my two sons are deployed. The baby of the family (Ben) left this morning (Dec.1) to join the other soldiers in his troop, and next month his older brother (Chris) will also join him as they train in the US for a couple of months, then on to Iraq. God has really been merciful in the fact that they have been home this long.

Our whole family has been here over the holidays and we had a wonderful time. We had people stacked everywhere, and ate and ate and ate. It was very quiet after everyone left, and even quieter this morning after Benjamin left. All that left is the Christmas tree that finally got deocated yesterday, leftovers (not many) and the wonderful memories and pics. Oh, let's not forget the pee spots that happened when my dog Josie got excited that everyone was here.

Saturday I will be at a craft sale in the neighborhood and am excited about that. I have come up with some wonderful ideas, and ,hey, if they don't sell then I will have a wonderfully decorated house. I will try to post some pics later of the family and the crafts. Check in later for the really good pics of my beautiful family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm so tired!!!!

Well, way too much is going on here in this little town in WV...ok, not a town just a little "oh,that was it?' type of place. In my younger years I was not very satisified with living in WV,but as I mature(sounds better than getting old) I have found more and more to be thankful for. Such as the fact that no matter how young,scroungy,dirty,etc....that males are in this part of the woods...they always open the door for you. Anyway, I'm trying to do too much...trying to spend as much time as possible with Benjamin before he gets deployed, trying to get him a quilt done,trying to get a few things ready for a craft fair, trying to spend more time reading my Bible...and the list just goes on and on. So, where did I hear the phrase "this too shall pass"? Ok, I thought I knew but I was wrong!!!! I guess I really am tired.
But, I will never regret trying to spend as much time with him and all of my family as possible. I have no doubt that God will be with the boys while they're in Iraq, and that if it is his will they will come home safely, my sadness comes from the fact that they will be so far away. I would feel the same if Miranda and her family moved far away. I love having my family within driving distance.
The furnace in our church was on the fritz today, so church was called off, we went to our home churcn, it was really good to get to see everyone. It's one of those places where you are always made to feel welcome. The pastor shared part of his life and the fact that as his mother got older and couldn't get around very well,she would take a few steps and then say "Praise the Lord!" What a reminder that we should praise the Lord with every step that we take.
I hate the fact that our church was called off, the devil has really been busy lately discouraging some of the families, and I just sort of feel like he won a battle today.....but not the war.
We had two big blessings this weekend....our daugher-in- law wrecked Friday evening, totalled her vehicle, but was unhurt....and then our 6 yr old gs called to say that he got saved this a.m. in church.....praise the Lord!!
Well, now that I have rested awhile I feel better. I still have a lot to do but..."PRAISE THE LORD"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More blessings....

In my last post I commented that our children had been raised to be servants of the Lord, that includes my only dd-Miranda, Miranda serves in the Lord's army every day. Her goal in life as a teenager was to marry a pastor, and God provided her a pastor/preacher husband. Not only does she play piano in church, she also homeskools my two wonderful grandsons..while caring for her beautiful 8 month old daughter. Pete(her husband) teaches classes, preaches, and he and Miranda sing beautifully together. Miranda is also the piano player. If you'd like to take a peek at the most beautiful kids in the world check out her sight at
Christopher married a wonderful Christian lady named Heather. They are very active in their church...Heather plays the piano and together her and Chris sing wonderfully. I praise the Lord for Heather every day because Chris is quite a personality and only Heather could put up with him. They were best friends for about 6 yrs before marriage, so there was no surprises for Heather. As my middle child Chris is the most sensitive, caring person of the whole family...but he hides it well.
Benjamin hasn't been as active in church in the last few months because of working a strange shift, but whenever possible he knows that church comes first. He is engaged to a very nice young woman named Stephanie, but praise the Lord they have decided to wait for him to serve in Iraq, before they get married. Both need to mature a little before they take this step. Stephanie fits very well into our family....that means that she puts up with us without too many gasps at our form of humor. She loves going to church with us, and being part of our family.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is the day.....

As we prepare for the first of our sons (our youngest) to be deployed (until March he will still be in the U.S.) my heart is heavy. But, sitting here this morning the Holy Spirit has reminded me that we raised our children to be in the Lord's Army, to be his servants wherever they are and whatever they are instead of a heavy heart I this morning I have to thank my Lord for allowing my children to serve him and this country.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm in the Lord's Army

This blog was started to let all the members of my family keep in touch while my two sons are deployed. They will be serving in the Army of the United States of America, but as Christians they serve in the Lord's Army every day of their lives

We are a conservative Baptist family living in West Virginia. The family consists of me(Barb),Geary(bi-vocational preacher), daughter and family(Miranda,dh Pete,kids-Jacob,Caleb,and our newest addition-Liberty), Chris and wife Heather, Ben and fiancee Stephanie.

Chris and Ben will be deployed in the US, then on to Iraq. They will be in the same squadron, but different units. As a mother, I am both proud and sad. My kids have all lived close to us, so this will be a hard time for us. I thank the Lord that we have been so close in distance for so long. Ben still lives at home (he's 19), which I'm sure will change when he gets home. God is already comforting Geary and I....and we put all of our trust in him. In the meantime we are spending all the time we can all together.