Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let the sun shine in

What a beautiful day here in WV. The sun is finally shining and it's about 65 degrees,yEH!!!!

Things have been busy lately, but wonderful. Over the weekend I got to keep Jacob, Caleb and Liberty. The boys had a good time watching "Star Wars" SURPRISE!! No, really, this is their favorite movie series. So being the good grandma that I am. I set up an extra tv in the living room and let them watch Star Wars and cartoons at the same time.

I have been attending Weight Watchers and am so surprised at how much healthier I feel. Along with the diet, we are walking every chance we get. I've only lost about 8 pounds, but Geary and I are up to 2 miles in about an hour. He could do better if he would leave me behind, but he won't.

The 3-5th we will be in Fort Bragg, NC, visiting with our 2 sons, and then they get to come home for Easter. I can't wait to have th whole family here again. The whole family will be attending church with Chris and Heather that morning and then spending the day together. We sort of have a strange Easter meal planned, but its what the boys want"

Smoked brisquit

coke chicken

baked mac and cheese



and lots of dessert.

I was looking through some older pics on my camera card the other day, so I thought I would share them with everyone. (If I can figure out how to get them on this spot Again.